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Why are we in the middle of mostly unfriendly numbers?

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To understand this article, you need to know your karma number. You can calculate this on this site.

We wrote in the past that numbers can be friendly, unfriendly or neutral. This is due to the fact that below each number is a planet, among which there is a natural relationship. Since the numbers (planets) determine human interactions or mutual karma, the relationship between planets (grahas) will determine relations between different people, for which we already can determine the number of karma.

Why are we often enclosed by enemy numbers?

You might have noticed that, for example, a person with a karma number of 1, 2 or 3 is often surrounded by numbers 4 or 7. These numbers are natural enemies. What does it mean? The explanation is very simple. Since human life is not determined by himself, but by planets or numbers, then the life of person is the reflection of his consciousness. The planets or figures holds the karma of the person, which is recorded in consciousness in form of sanskarah. Sanskarah are fine vibes.

Human karma is predominantly negative. It must be realized in this incarnation so that one can develop his consciousness. In most cases, consciousness develops through difficulties, through problems. 

Here we come to the question and at the same time the answer - why the people around are predominantly with those numbers that are opposed to his own number?

Karma can only be realized, if there are some negative and, of course, positive events in human life - sorrow, joys, tears, emotions, adventures. Going through the path of life and participating in all the events of karma, human consciousness will carry out a small but, perhaps, a great transformation within this incarnation. The best way to do this is to connect the consciousness, which interconnected vibrations are written form of sanskarah, that will cause relevant events in human life.

That is why number 3 is surrounded by many numbers 4 and 5, number 1 is surrounded by many numbers 4 and 7 or 8 etc.

I know personal examples of where grown up daughter and mother live together. The daughter is 4, but the mother is 2. The relationship is very bad. Another example - daughter 2, mother 7 - the relationship is also very bad, although there is no logical ground or reason, because all as people are very nice and enjoyable.

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