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Which persons are more addicted to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes according to numerology? TOP 3

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Human life is determined by his karma, not the way a person wants to live. Desires do not matter. If the wishes of a person were important, then everyone would be rich, happy, slender, healthy and live forever. However, everything is the other way round. And this is because everything is determined by human karma, not its desires. If one were allowed to fulfill all the wishes, then an eternal war would begin, because the conflict was placed in the consciousness of man.

There are various reasons why people use addictive substances. Causes are in human consciousness. A person's consciousness is described in detail by his individual horoscope, as well as in a concentrated way - his consciousness number or Jiva number.

Let's focus on why peroxidants are used by people with different consciousness numbers.

Consciousness number 1

The one means ego. These people mostly drink or use other intoxication due to ego problems. Because of humiliation of ego, as it seems to him. Ego humility can take different forms. For example, a person does not feel loved by others. Other people do not appreciate what he thinks he is.


The two means emotions, feelings. This person mostly uses alcohol because of relationships. He feels misunderstood. This person may have difficulty deciding an issue, as a result, he or she may start taking intoxicating substances.


The three can have two extremes - either not drinking at all or drinking very much. This is because consciousness is governed by Jupiter or Guru. Jupiter is a big planet, it always means - lot of everything. Mostly, the three are prone to respect for dharma.


The four are ruled by the shadow planet Rahu. Rahu creates illusions for person. Illusions are the only thing that will definitely collapse in life, because this is the nature of illusions. This person has set up a dream castle for himself, which has collapsed. This is also the reason for drinking or other addictions - the illusions about this world have collapsed. Everything has been shown not as it was invented in his head. The four can drink alcohol or use drugs to calm down, because he has different kinds of fears.


The five can use alcohol or drugs in a curious way - as if trying. When drinking alcohol, five will know exactly how many glasses he has drunk, will make a precise inventory.


For the six there in his life are very important - pleasures, love, sweet taste. Love is a sweet taste for human consciousness. If he feels lack of love in his life, consciousness still needs a certain amount of sweet taste as kind of energy. If it can not be obtained through love, then it can be obtained through alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.


These people are very mysterious. Their consciousness is ruled the shadow planet Ketu. The physical pleasure will play a great role in their life. If the person lacks the energy of kundalini, that can be reached through the tantra, he can start to compensate the sweet taste for consciousness and it can be obtained from alcohol. The people with consciousness number seven are mostly drinking on a sexual basis.


These people are ruled by Saturn or Shani. They will use simple alcoholic beverages because they do not feel the luxury as very important part of their life. It can be also a very expensive drink, but in essence it will be something simple. A person has an elevated vaata dosha and that means - this person will use an intoxicating agent because of the nerves.


These people are ruled by Mars or Mangala. Mars is a significator for strong drinks. This means that these people in most cases will prefer strong drinks or strong drugs. The consciousness of this person is very dynamic. His taste for drinks can change often. One day one drink, another day another. This person is drinking in the crowd, because drinking alone does not matter - no action, not interesting.

How to calculate the number of consciousness?

The number of consciousness can be calculated very easily. It is necessary to know two facts - 1) persons birth day and 2) whether a person was born before sunrise.


  1. A man was born on January 15th. To calculate the number of consciousness only the date of birth should be taken. In this case it is 15. The digits must be combined to obtain a one-digit result. In this case it is 1 + 5 = 6. This number of human consciousness is 6.
  2. The man was born on February 28th. 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. The human consciousness number is 1.
  3. A man was born on February 28, but before the sunrise. In this case, it is believed that a person was born on February 27. 2 + 7 = 9. The number of human consciousness is 9.
  4. The man was born on March 8th. 8 = 8. The number of human consciousness is 8.


Our TOP 3 of addicts should be as follows:

  1. consciousness number 1
  2. consciousness number 4
  3. consciousness number 8

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