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Which days of the week are best to start something new

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There are seven days a week, but which of them are the best to start something new? In this article, we will try to answer the question from a numerological point of view.

The days of the week are governed by 7 numbers, which are symbols for planets or grahas. Three of the planets are benefic; others are either malefic or with a changing nature, such as the moon or Chandra in sanskrit.

  1. Sunday - Sun (Suriya, Ravi) - malefic
  2. Monday - Moon (Chandra) - changing nature
  3. Tuesday - Mars (Mangala) - malefic
  4. Wednesday - Mercury (Buddha) - benefic
  5. Thursday - Jupiter (Guru) - benefic
  6. Friday - Venus (Shukra) - benefic
  7. Saturday - Saturn (Shani) - malefic

The best days to start something new are days ruled BY the benefic planets

In general, there are 3 days a week, which is good for something new to start. It is wednesday, thursday and friday. To find out whether Monday is good, it's necessary to find out whether the moon is crescent or waning. The moon gives positive results if it is crescent.

What can you start on Wednesday?

Wednesday is ruled by 5 or Mercury. Natural meaning of 5 is business deals, trade, communication, education. This day will be good to start from this list. If you want to sell a house or a car, it's best to start doing it on a Wednesday.


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter (Guru) or 3. Guru's natural significations are husband, children, flourishing, expansion, something big, vedic knowledge, teacher, natural laws, dharma. If you want to find a good husband or have a baby, it's better to do it on Thursday. This day is also good for the various benefits associated with expansion, enlargement. If you want to focus on yoga or start a healthy lifestyle, it is best to start it on Thursday.


Friday is ruled by 5 or Venus (Shukra). Shukra is ruler of private life, also sexual pleasures. If you want to start a new relationship, or marry, it's best to do it on a Friday.

Shukra rules luxury things. On this day, you can buy a variety of luxury items, such as luxury cars, yachts, helicopters or diamonds for your wife.

Shukra rules the condo properties. If you want to buy a condo, it is better to do it on Friday. Getting into the new condo or apartment is also good on Friday.

If you have an illness that can not be cured with a medical approach, then it is advisable to start treating folk medicine and this should be started on Friday, as Friday is rules by Shukra, who is supervisor of secret, ancient medicine also called as folk medicine. If you want to succeed in medicine, then your medical studies should also begin on Friday.


Monday is good or bad, depending on whether the moon is crescent or waning. It is good only if the Moon is crescent. Moon has dual nature. Symbol of number 2 is the Moon.

Moon is a natural significator of water, services, close relations, agriculture. On Monday, for example, you can start your own agricultural business, for example - dairy farming. Or you can do work related to agriculture, water, etc.

What can I do on other days?

The other days are malefic. For example, Tuesday is managed by 9 - Mars (Mangala). Mars is a warlord. If you want to start a war or, for example, legal proceedings, you can start doing it on Tuesday. 

Saturday is governed by Saturn or 8. The symbol of Saturn is an old, ascetic man who works all the time. This means Saturday is good for work. But that also means that you do not have to marry this day, which is mostly done on Saturday. If the marriage takes place on Saturday, then marriage will be like a hard job.

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