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What does life path number mean in vedic numerology?

Many people have heard of a life path number. Through this sign it can be understood that it is a path with some number. Of course this is not the case.

Vedic tradition is supposed to talk about karma of the person. The term "karma" is also heard by many. However, not everyone understands what that means. The term "karma" has a very broad meaning, but it can be described as a cosmic causation and consequence law that passes through human incarnations and is recorded in human consciousness. Human life is the reflection of his karma.

Life path number or Karma number?

In the vedic tradition, the life path number is called the karma number. In our opinion, it is more appropriate to use the karma number instead of the life path number, because it is much more precise and says much more about the essence.

We remind you that the calculation of the karma number is done as follows: sum up the full birthday digits till one digit has been reached. The result will be a karma number.

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What should I do when I know my karma number?

In itself, this number does not mean anything without special knowledge of numerology. You can get more knowledge on our website by looking at articles about different numbers and their meaning.

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