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What does compound number mean in my consciousness number?

Only one-third of populations conscience number consists of one digit. All others have a two-digit number. Analyzing a two-digit number is a little more complicated, but this is to be done if there is a bit of practice.

Any two-digit number can be split. If a person was born on January 31, then his consciousness number is 3 + 1 = 4. We can analyze this person as 4, but at the same time in his consciousness there will be 2 more digits that will form this 4. The main principle to follow - the first figure is the key to determining the dominance in ones consciousness.

A person with a consciousness number of 3 and 1 will be the one who 1) will love giving tips, to teach others, 2) he will be endowed with accented ego, which can show up positive or negative. This is because 3 means Jupiter (Guru, Teacher, etc.), 1 means the Sun (Suriya, ego, boss). 3 and 1 are friends. This means that consciousness will be balanced in itself. For other people, this man will manifest as 4 - lots of illusions, unfulfilled hopes and frustrations. If a person was born with digits different order, for example - on the 13th date, then everything would be the other way around. The ego would be the key to this person, and only then - the teacher. It would be a teacher who tries to impose his own opinion. This person satisfies his ego through teaching someone.

Complex dates are when there are two unfriendly numbers involved. For example, a very complex number is 18. This digit contains 1 and 8, which is Sun and Saturn. Sun and Saturn are natural enemies. The Sun is human consciousness, but Saturn means restriction. In practice, this is a person with psychological complexes.

This principle applies to any number. You can divide them into separate digits and do an analysis of the energy that each of these digits brings in the corresponding number.

It is very important to use friendly numbers whenever possible. If you choose a car number plate, or a home and apartment number, it would be best if it contained only mutually friendly digits, and these digits would be individually friendly to you.

You can read more about the numbers and their significance on our website.

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