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Trumps birthdate - numerological explanation

We can find Google, that President Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. Now we need to calculate his numerological data.

  • Jiva number = 14 = 1+4 = 5
  • Karma number = 14 + 6 (June) + 1946 = 4
  • Dharma number = 14 + 6 (June) = 2
  • Main problem = 2
  • Name number = 3
  • Number of Year = 2

Jiva number

Jiva or soul number is very important. Jiva number shows the type of person's thinking and behavior. 5 is Buddha (Mercury) - symbol of education, information, business, trade - all the things we know Trump was dealing in his life.

His Jiva number consists of 2 digits - 1 and 4. The dominant number is 1. One is Sun (Syria, Ravi). 1 gives people the opportunity to be leaders, allows them to impose their wishes on others, to dominate. The meaning of 4 is Rahu - the shadow planet. Combination of these two planets makes what we know as eclipse of the Sun. This very well may be observed in communication with Mr. Trump. Often, the impression is that a speaking person is in some other dimension, because Trump does not seem to hear him. This can be explained by the great influence of Rahu on the Sun.

5 allows him to be knowledgeable, smart.

At the same time, it's worth remembering the characteristics of a 5 - Buddha Graha is a child in the hierarchy of Grahas (planets). This means that his thoughts or actions may often be naive - much like a child. It is important here that people with Jiva number 5 usually plays in life - as children do. Life is a game for him. His relationship with people is more intellectual, but not very deep.

As I pointed out above, the number of main problem in life also points to this. This number is 2 and is ruled by the Chandra (Moon). Moon always rules relationship. This means that the main problem in life that needs to be resolved is the relationship with other people.

Karma number

Karma number or life path number is 4. 4 is ruled by planet of shadow - Rahu. Rahu always means illusions. The main hallmark of illusions is that they are never attainable. What happens if something you want very badly cannot be reached? There is disappointment. In a situation where the karma figure is 4, it will never be possible to fully achieve its goals, as they will always be more than what they seem to be. It is here to remember Trump's desire for the best wall in history.

In a situation where something can not be achieved, helps his way of thinking (5), which does not allow too long to mourn for failures.

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