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The best days to get pregnant from a numerological point of view

Conception of a child is very important decision. Both of parents should start preparing for this moment at least half a year before. Partners should think about what they eat and regulate their physical and emotional state. It will be good, if you will imagine and think about your child. So you will give energy to your child.

It is necessary to rest and get positive emotions before conception. During conceiving a child, both partners should be healthy and feel good.

Day of conception of a child have to be coordinated with the ovulation calendar of woman.

Which day to choose?

From the numerological point of view, number 3 is responsible for the children. It means that the best day to get pregnant is Thursday because this day or vaara is ruled by Jupiter (Guru) which significator is 3.

Mercury is significator of childhood, Moon - of motherhood and Venus - of private live, so Wednesday, Monday and Friday also can be used. You have to take into account that you can choose Monday only on waxing moon.

Days you should avoid

The worst day for getting pregnant is Saturday. Saturn (number 8) is significator of limitation. Bad days are also Sunday and Tuesday, which are significators of burning and spilled blood respectively, so you should not choose these days.

It is better to give preference to the days on the waxing moon if it is possible.

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