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Solar eclipses from a numerological point of view

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Solar eclipse is a cyclical phenomenon that usually occurs several times a year. People do not understand the karmic significance of the solar eclipse, so they do not attach great importance to it and act incorrectly.

In numerology, the Sun is represented by the number 1.

Vedic numerology is an integral part of the Vedic tradition. In the Vedic tradition, which is the basis of all Vedic knowledge, the solar eclipse is considered a very negative phenomenon.

The solar eclipse is always associated with so-called lunar nodes, or Rahu and Ketu. In numerology, Rahu is represented by 4 and Ketu by 7.

The people of our planet are most affected by the two luminaries we see best on Earth - the Sun and the Moon. In the Vedic tradition, the Sun is called the eye of God - Deva Chaksha. The Sun symbolizes the human ego, self-awareness, state power, father, superiority, human health.

A little of esoterics

According to Puranas, during the solar eclipse, the Sun is devoured by a demon, either Rahu or Ketu. Of course, the demon does not have the power to soak up the Sun altogether, so it is momentary, but from an esoteric and energetic point of view - at this point, people are left without a planet (graha), without God, alone with themselves and the demons. This is the time when negative karma is realized.

Which areas are affected by a solar eclipse?

The solar eclipse is an optical phenomenon that affects only the location on Earth where it is visible. If the solar eclipse happens somewhere else but not where you live, then you can not worry - it does not affect you.

What to do during a solar eclipse?

It is not advisable to look at the eclipse itself during a solar eclipse. It is best to sit indoors, close windows with curtains, and recite mantras for the Sun. It is not advisable to look at the eclipse in order not to activate your negative karma.

I stated earlier that the Sun symbolizes state power. Here is an example of how it works. On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans were experiencing a total solar eclipse across America. President Donald Trump did the same. A few days later, Hurricane Irma broke out, not only destroying much of the United States and affecting thousands of people, but also Trump's own property in Plum Bay, Florida.

2 days before the eclipse and 2 days after the eclipse one should not start any new projects or works.

Remember, solar eclipse is not entertainment, but a serious, karmic phenomenon that can have a very negative effect on your life.

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