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Numerology, numbers and their symbolic animals

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In numerology, numbers are not just numbers. Behind each of them stands the planet. We have described it in other articles on this site. This time let's talk about what animals represent each of the numbers.

Number 1 - Sun

Number one is a king. It is represented by Sun. There would be nothing without the Sun. Number 1 is represented by lions, horses, larks, swans and all singing birds.

Number 2 - Moon

Moon is planet of water. Interestingly, that tide occurs under the influence of the moon. Moon represents all amphibious creatures, waterbirds, tortoises etc.

Number 3 - Jupiter

Jupiter or Guru is a large planet. The second largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter represents heavy weight animals including elephant, hippo, swan generally represents domestic animals.

Number 4 - Rahu

Rahu is a shadow planet, one of the moon nodes. Rahu is upper part of a famous daemon Swarphanu. It represents mosquitos, insects, poisonous animals, seagulls and dogs.

Number 5 - Mercury

Mercury or Buddha is a small, fast moving planet. This planet symbolizes communication, conversation. It represents goats, parrots, reptiles, fast moving animals.

Number 6 - Venus

Venus or Shukra is a sex symbol, symbol of beauty. It represents bulls, panthers, doves, sparrows etc.

Number 7 - Ketu

Ketu is a shadow planet, one of the moon nodes. Rahu is lower part of a famous daemon Swarphanu. It represents mosquitos, insects, poisonous animals and cats.

Number 8 - Saturn

Saturn or Shani is planet of gas. It is very slow and cold planet. The color of it is black, it symbolizes darkness. It represents bats, wolves, crocodiles, coldblooded creatures, silent killers like anaconda, python, also venomous creatures, slow moving reptiles, sea fish, crows etc.

Number 9 - Mars

Symbolizing color of Mars or Mangala is red. It is a famous war planet. The symbol of Mars is shed blood. It represents red animals, aggressive animals, poisonous creatures - like scorpio etc.

How to apply this knowledge in practice?

It is important to understand that only theoretical knowledge is never good. Good is its knowledge, which is of practical meaning. In life, one needs to learn how to understand things, why they happen. In numerology, we know the notion as nimitta. In vedic knowledge or Sanaatana Dharma we know the notion of Nimitta Shastra - knowledge of signs. Looking around, we can always see the various warnings, signs sent to us by God. It is our duty in this life to learn to read these signs and understand the directions.

In many cultures, black cats are considered to be bad sign. Look at the planet symbolized by a cat - it is Ketu. We ask ourselves the question - Ketu is a good or bad planet? Good or bad we mean subjectively, depending on whether it brings good or bad karma. Ketu is the planet that carries most 99.9% negative Karma from past lives. Here we come to the conclusion in each case. I would be cautious about the next steps, seeing sign of Ketu (7) on my way.

In this way, we look around and analyze which planets are warning us. Each planet has its own energy, the specifics of its operation, so we know what kind of sign it is.

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