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Numerology: Best day to sell my house

Every day, real estate is being bought and sold. Many of our readers want to know which are the best days to deal with real estate, they ask - when can I sell my house?

The answer is very simple. Real estate is ruled by two planets - Mars (9) and Venus (6). Mars rules real estate in general, like - buildings, land etc. Venus rules special part of real estate - the apartments, condos. Therefore, we should take into account this and choose a day that matches the nature of the deal.

The deals in general are ruled by planet Mercury (5). Mercury is a planet that can help deal also with real estate sale. Transactions executed on a day ruled by Mercury will be better, faster and communication between parties will be easier.

Which day to choose to sell the house?

Mercury (5) rules Wednesday, Mars (9) rules Tuesday, Venus (6) rules Friday.

This means that if I want to sell my house fast it is best to close real estate deal on Wednesday, while land, buildings and other non-apartment real estate deals may also be closed on Tuesday, while sale of an apartment can also be closed on Friday.

Of course, you should always remember the general rules for closing deals. The best deals are on the waxing moon. The second criterion is to look at whether Mercury is in a retrograde (vakra) state or not. If it is retrograde, avoid closing deals on that day. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to communication problems between parties as well as repetitive actions. The same applies to Tuesdays and Fridays during a retrograde Mercury.

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