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Numerological prediction for 2020

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2020 starts on January 1st at 00:00.

The number for this year is 4

We calculate the number of year as shown here = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.

4 is the invisible shadow planet Rahu. There will be many events this year that have not been seen before, but will slip out of their dark hiding place. Rahu is associated with illusions - new illusions can arise and old ones can collapse. Illusions have the habitude of appearing to necessarily collapse afterwards. Rahu is also associated with modern technology. This may mean that some new technologies that are unknown to the world may emerge this year.

The karma number for the year 2020 is 6

6 means Shukra (Venus), the goddess of beauty, guru of devils etc. Year 2020 is a good time to put your physical beauty in order, as well as your spiritual beauty.

6 is related to sexuality - there will be some events related to it - it will affect all people in the world. As a manifestation of sexual activity there may be a baby boom or something similar. 6 is also associated with sexual illness as a consequence of sexual activity. Choose your partners carefully!

6 is related to unconventional medicine. In fact, modern medicine should be considered unconventional in relation to ancient medicine, but at the moment everything is the opposite, so we use that term. First of all, you try to cure the disease by natural means, using various ancient methods. The year is a good for that.

6 is about beauty. You can focus on home improvement. This is especially favorable for apartment, condo owners. During this year, there may be some changes affecting the apartment owners or the apartments themselves.

The Dharma number for the year 2020 is 2

Dharma is the path to follow to attain the goals set by karma. At the human level, 2 is primarily about relationships. Try to settle disordered relationships, resolve disputes.

Globally 2 means water. This year is a good time to think about our blue planet, which is covered with a lot of water.

2 is related to mistrust between partners. If you want a positive outcome in your sex life, according to karma number 6, which is an indicator of karma of year 2020, then think about whether or not you need sex outside of your relationship.

consciousness number for the year 2020 - 1

1 is exclusively concerned with the manifestations of the ego. During year 2020, people will seek to develop their ego through a school of humiliation. The ego is developed mainly as follows. This will be especially true for people who are born on 1st, 19th, 28th, or their karma numbers are these. Humiliation of the ego will mainly take place in interpersonal relationships but may also occur in work and other areas that are important to the individual.

Especially topical ego training will be in January and July.

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