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Meaning of number 7 - Ketu

The ruler of 7 is mystical shadow planet Ketu.

In mythology (which is allegorical and symbolic), Ketu is characterised as demon. This shadowy planet is natural malefic. Ketu resembles Mars (9).

This is the number of those born on the 7, 16 and the 25th of every month. They are very friendly with the people born on the (reduced) 4, 6, 7. They are very independent prominent and with great individuality. As they are restless they love travel and change. They love travel particularly in foreign countries.

Because 7 is shadow planet, it is placed in another dimension (not ours) - that's why we cannot see Ketu in the sky, the thinking of people of 7 will like from another universe. This number is connected with ethernity - with previous and next incarnations. Therefor people with 7 may know thinks by intuition, which in fact will be experience from ethernity, and in these situations native could not explain, why he was thinking excactly this way and what was the logics behind it. Usually there will be no logics from our point of view - because they will base decision on intuition or information coming from past or future, that they have already experienced.

They are not lucky in financial matters. But women born under this number are always anxious about their own future and always find out nice matrimonial alliances. They are rich in ideas which will find their way to fulfilment. Their thoughts are noble. They gain a lot of knowledge about the sea and try to establish business ties with foreign countries.

People of 7 are symbolized by Ketu. Ketu is the lowest part (ass) of dragon (asura - Svarbhanu). Unlike the Rahu, Ketu has no head to speak with. That makes communication problems with these people. Only way to interact with Ketu, is kundalini energy, which can be gained through Tantra. The best way to get things done with 7 are through bed, where kundalini energy can be generated.

About religion their ideas are different. They try to found new innovative and creative religions. They always dream wonderful dreams. They love occult sciences. They are always intuitive. To gain the fructifiction of their objectives they should use 7, 16 and 25. Their lucky day is Tuesday.

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