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Meaning of number 4 - Rahu

4 is ruled by Rahu. The character of the 4 is unique and known only to themselves. They view all things from a totally different angle as opposed to the ordinary people who view everything from a common angle. In every argument they argue from the opposite side and because of this tendency they gain a lot of secret enemies. They hate all laws and legal frameworks & destroy all such laws.

Rahu is shadow planet and we cannot see it in the sky. It is said to be located in another universe. All people of 4 will have influence from another universe, that's why sometimes it will be not possible to understand them and their way of thinking. Rahu is head of dragon (asura Swarbhanu). Rahu people will be under strong influence of different illusions. They will try to get something, and after they will have it there will be no satisfaction about having the thing or something else - relationships etc. This is the damnation of Rahu - never be satisfied with that what he has. Basically all life people of 4 will run after their illusions.

They oppose the rulers and always establish their own kingdoms and republics. They always believe in the freedom of expression and opinion. People who are born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 do not make friends easily. People with numbers 7 and 8 attract them. The Fourians do not succeed in the realm of material prosperity like the others. If they save money or make money the way they use it will astound everybody.

Their lucky days are Saturday.

  • Your lucky day: Saturday
  • Your lucky month: April
  • Your lucky dates: 4, 13, 22 and 31
  • Your lucky colour: Black

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