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In this article I would like to address the question of what constitutes love compatibility and how to check it.

Love is an integral part of our lives. We spend the most of our lives with our life partners. Most karma is concentrated exactly in relationships. This is due to the fact that we live in the Kali Yuga, where mostly negative karma is realized. This means that most relationships in the Kali Yuga are bad. If you meet a person who likes you very much, we can give a guarantee that the result of this relationship will be bad with 75% confidence. Why 75%? Because at least 75% negative karma is realized in the Kali Yuga.

But we have a solution to find out how the relationship will go on. We have created a calculator in which you can find out the prospects of relationships. To find it out, you need to know the birth dates of both persons.

Principles of Prospective Clearing

In numerology, we basically find out three numbers - the number of karma, life path number (dharma), and soul (jiva). Based on these three figures, we can draw conclusions about the relationship to the relationship.

Precondition for good and harmonious relationship are good relations between the numbers. In numerology, numbers are symbols of the planets, that in the Vedic tradition are known as Grahas. Relationships are not exactly between numbers as one may think, but they are between the Devas, the Grahas, whose symbols are the numbers.

In order to determine the relationship between numbers, we need to know the Vedic mythology. These relationships are often complicated. For example, if a person has a soul number 1, he will be domineering by nature. If the other person is also with a soul number 1, then as if on the one hand 1 and 1 are mutually friendly, but they will not have a good relationship because they will try to fight each other. These relationships and qualities are based on Vedic mythology and are explained there. Vedic mythology or Puranas work in 100% of 100 cases.

The number of soul or number of jiva

This figure shows how a person thinks and how a person behaves. This is what his soul is. The number of the soul indicates how we will recognize the person. We could find many of our well-known people by descriptions of jiva numbers. The soul number 1 corresponds to the soul number 2. In Vedic Numerology 1 is the Sun (King), 2 is the Moon (Queen). The 1 likes to decide on different issues, but 2 has problems with decision making, so this will be the perfect relationship.

The same principles apply to other numbers according to mythology.

The number of dharma

Dharma is a path determined by God which we must go in life. This is the path. We must follow it to successfully implement karma of our current incarnation.

Ideally, numbers of dharma match both partners. For example, if both partners have a dharma figure 3, they should follow the right diet, become smarter, learn, educate, to be able to give guru-level advice to others, help people, etc. If one of the partners has a dharma number of 3, and another 8, then these are completely different paths of life, which must be followed to achieve their karmic goals. In this case, it is likely that it will be difficult or impossible for them to carry out their joint karma in the long run. Or vice versa - common karma will not do as you would like to.

Number of karma

This is the most important number. This indicates what will happen in life, what events await a person, who will he actually be in life. Particular attention should be paid to this number.

This means that for a person with a karma number 1, the relationship is optional because he will strive to be alone in his life. Even if the 1 will be officially married, he will seek to be alone, independent, etc. This is his karma, to be alone, to dazzle with his personality, not to let anyone near.

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