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Is 8 a lucky or unlucky number in vedic numerology?

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In Chinese numerology traditionally, the happiest number is named 8. Is it also in Vedic numerology? This is the topic what we will look at in this article.

We have written in the past that there is a number first and only then comes a man. The figure itself does not mean anything, because it is a symbol of the planet behind it.

Vedic numerology as a part of sanatana dharma only in written form is at least 5000 years old. In fact, it is millions years old. Much older than any modern civilization. Yes, also older than Chinese civilization. This means that the Chinese numerology knowledge came well after the Vedic knowledge that ancient Rishi gave to people. In this article, we will look at what is the meaning of number 8 in Vedic numerology and how it manifests itself in China, where they have their local numerology.

Meaning of number 8

In Vedic numerology, figure 8 represents the planet Shani or Saturn. Shani symbolizes old, ascetic people dressed in dark, poor clothes, working hard, little paid jobs. In the Vedic tradition, the qualities represented by Shani are all that one wants to escape. Nobody wants to be old, sick, poor. Everyone wants to be eternally young, healthy and rich. All these qualities are more characteristic of number 6, but 8 is exactly the opposite.

Here we come to the natural answer, can the number 8 be a lucky number?

If a person likes to work hard and achieve everything very slowly in hard work, then that is his happy figure. If a hard and poorly paid job are is unacceptable to a person then 8 can in no way be a happy figure.

Phenomenon of China

It is clear to any person that China is a very fast growing country. It is based on hard, little paid work. There are many Chinese millionaires and even billionaires, but this can be explained by the fact that there are a lot of Chinese people. Most people in the communist country are forced to work. Is their lucky number 8? I do not think so. 

Is Happy Number of People's Republic of China 8? Yes - hard work and the result of the work make this country rich.

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