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How to find your perfect Valentine using numerology

How to find your Valentine? This is an issue that plagues a lot of people each year. There are many methods how to choose your Valentine.

The oldest method

The oldest and most popular method is to approach a pleasant person and invite him/her to be your Valentine. This method is also one of the most risky. Using this method, you can never know whether your Valentine is right for you.

The modern method - online invitation

Find someone on the Internet, like in Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Tinder, and ask to be your Valentine. This method has the same drawbacks as the first one. You do not know much about this person.

Numerological method - smart way to find Valentine

This is a great secret and you should not tell this secret anyone. Numerology is ancient vedic science brought to people by Rishi - old time Guru. Numerology allows you to know about a person, knowing only his birth data. If you want to have a good conversation partner for one night, then you only need to know only his birthday without a month or a year. If you plan to keep your Valentine for a longer period, then you will need to find out the month and year also.

Use one of the old methods or the most up-to-date methods to find out your Valentine's birthday data. Remember - a person who was born before the sunrise is considered to be born the day before. For example, your Valentine was born on January 1st before the sunrise. This means that from the numerology point of view he was born on December 31st.

Now when you know how to find out the right birth data, use our numerology calculator and find out which Valentine will be perfect for you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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