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Forecast of the epidemiological situation from the point of view of numerology and astrology

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Vedic numerology and Vedic astrology are the Vedic sciences that complement each other. Therefore, it is important to look at both numerology and astrology to understand the ongoing processes.

Whether a person will live properly and lead a proper lifestyle is determined by the planets and their position in the horoscope. The current position of the stars in the sky reflects the current problems of each individual area of life, as well as the problems and trends that will affect all of humanity as a whole.

3 or Jupiter (Guru) is responsible for a person's proper lifestyle. In the Vedic tradition, the planets are called according to Sanskrit names, which more accurately reflect their true nature. Jupiter is known as the Guru, and the name Guru is known to everyone. A guru is one who gives advice, teaches what is right and what is wrong. The guru is also the one who protects.

In numerology, the Guru is symbolized by the number 3.

Throughout human life, the Guru is what we call "divine protection."

In 2020, the Guru is mostly in his worst position possible. It was only from April 21 to May 23 that it came out of its bad position and provided its protection to humanity for one month and two days, when the effects of the coronavirus also diminished.

After May 23, the Guru will return to his worst position, from where he will not be able to provide support. The Guru will be in this position until December 10, 2020.

This time is unfavorable for everything related to the characteristics of the Guru, including conception, childbirth, marriage, initiation of some important, new processes.

As previously predicted, since the Guru is in his worst position, there is a negative impact on the economy, because the Guru is significator of the financial system, of banks, and so on. Currently, due to the virus, there is a negative impact on the economy, etc. The negative effects are likely to continue until December, but we will feel the effects after that as well.

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