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Covid-19 explanation from the point of view of numerology

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Various mystical infections are ruled by number 4. This is known in the Vedic tradition as Rahu. Lungs, including lung diseases, are associated with number 2. The number two is related to the Moon.

Corona virus Covid-19 is a respiratory virus directly related to the lungs. In practice, we see that the virus attacks the human respiratory system, mainly the lungs.

2 is also a symbol of the fluid flowing into the human body.

Fateful year 2020

Covid-19 started at the end of 2019, but gained its grandeur in 2020.

Year 2020 is made up of two 2 and in sum makes total of 4.

2 and 4 are the deadliest enemies of each other. 4 (Rahu), according to mythology, is trying to eat, destroy 2 (Moon). This manifestation in nature can be observed as a lunar eclipse. According to the puranas, it is the curse of the moon. But the curse is with good ending, because the Moon is always reborn.


If we look at the numerological calculations for this year that are calculated with special program, we can see that March and April of 2020 are the prevailing karma numbers in March - 2 and April - 4. We are actually seeing an outbreak at this particular time.

In May, the leading number is 6. The six in the Vedic tradition is deity Shukra (Venus), one of the two gurus who possess magical healing qualities. It is likely that in May World will find some decent solution to the Covid-19 problem.

Social distancing

2 also means communication, close, cordial relationship between people.

If we go into the esoteric nature of things, while 4 is attacking exactly number 2 and it's qualities, everyone should avoid close contacting with other people during this time. 4 wont be able to attack what does not exist.

Wash your hands

As I wrote, 2 means also water. You must wash your hands with water which is 2 and soap (6) to wash away the virus (4). Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as 20 seconds mean mystic 2.

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