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Baby name numerology calculator

To find out the appropriate name for the child, enter the date of birth of child.
Choose the letter which should be the first letter of the name of your child

Baby name finder is a free service for young parents and their supporters to find perfect name for the kid. The choice of name of the child is very important. It can take you five minutes of your time, but kid must live with that name rest of life. That's why this decision is so important.

If you know a better way to find a child's name, use it. We recommend using the vedic numerological system because 1) it is very ancient (brought to Earth by Rishi), 2) it is based on knowledge of the universe, energy, and how it affects human life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the child the name corresponding to his karma.

We offer to use our free name numerology calculator. It is based on the birth date of the child. You should always use local time. If the kid was born before sunrise at that day, then use as his birth date the day before. If you do now know the sunrise time at the birth date, use Time And Date service. It's free and very accurate.

At the moment, we offer you to choose children's names from the English, German, Spanish and/or Russian calendar.